Samuel S. and Luella Eva Carruthers

Samuel S. Carruthers and his wife Luella Eva Carruthers moved to Dry Creek (Dubois, Id) and Camas, Id, in 1894,  when Sam was transferred by the Oregon Short Line from CO. along with their three sons Clyde Austin, Earl Rusk and Roy Merton -- all born in CO.  In 1895 he was transferred to Market Lake, ID (now Roberts);  an article in the paper at that time stated --"this new appointment (as agent) is a very important one, as 32 towns from the Upper Snake River country as far East as Jackson Hole, receive mail and freight at Market Lake."

Their children Verna Fay was born Nov 11, 1895, Hazel Marjorie DEC 26, 1899. and David Baker Feb 20, 1902 all in Market Lake.  Clyde, Earl and Roy went to the Market Lake School (I have a picture of their school house complete with teacher and students).  During the years at Market Lake Sam was active in the community.  Besides his job as Agent for the Short Line, he served as City Judge and performed marriages, etc. and also as Deputy Fremont County Auditor and Recorder.  Luella served as Postmaster, one of the first in the State of Idaho, and Sam and Luella operated a drug store, in conjunction with the Post Office, with Sam as the Pharmacist (I have his license from the State of Idaho for 1902 and cards for several other years) and with Luella as the clerk and Post Master.  He also was the General Manager and Treasurer of the Snake River Phone Co. -- which was one of the oldest in the region, which he helped to start.  In addition, Sam was one of the "organizers" of the famous Rabbit Drives.  If not the first "drives" in the State of Idaho, at least some of the first, were conducted at Market Lake, under the direction of Sam Carruthers and Martin Patrie.  Stories and features of the events were carried in large newspapers, in Denver, Chicago, St. Louis, etc. (I have a picture and news article about these drives)

Additionally, he helped to start the Ice Company and they shipped many pounds of ice on the railroad.  Because the water was so good at Market Lake, their ice was very popular.  (I have a picture of Sam seeing to the loading of the Ice and his son Clyde standing on top of the railroad car.) His hobbies included trout fishing and he raised trotting horses to be used in Sulky Races and raced them in the surrounding areas, where ever he lived.  In 1903, Sam was transferred up the line to Dillon, MT., but for several years he still maintained property at Market Lake along with his Drugstore.  The Family made many trips to Market Lake during the following years to attend to their interests there. 

Samuel S. Carruthers passed away while on a "run" on the railroad, to
Pocatello, Idaho.  Luella Eva passed away in 1959 and they are both buried in Dillon, MT.    Other pictures of the area I have are one of his house in Market Lake, with Luella and some of the children and himself on the porch. One of Sam and his son Earl inside the Railroad Station at Market Lake.  Probably a few others. 


Submitted by Eileen Carruthers Whelan on July 12, 2003.

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