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Hollis B. Pincock, Jr. May 8, 2002
The family came to Teton, Sugar City and Rexburg in the late 1860's from Ogden, Utah. I have loads of genealogical and historical information. The family also owned Pincock Hot Springs (now Green River Hot Springs) for years in the early 1910's to 30's/40's.


Marlene Ferrel May 28, 2002
I am looking for any kind of information on my grandparents and great-grandparents and am hoping you may be able to help. My grandfather was Jacob KLEIN and his wife's name (my grandmother) was Alice Lessor(er) Klein.  Jacob was born July 22, 1857 and died May 20, 1930 in Wilford.  I don't know about Alice.   Also hoping to find information on Adam Klein, father to Jacob.    If you can give me someone else to contact if you are undable to help, please let me know.  I appreicate your time and effort.  I am an adoptee searching for my "roots".   Thank you very much.


Jan Jones July 27, 2002
I am trying to locate something about my family.  My mother, Tolia ADAIR was born on Warm River in 1909.  As I understand, her parents Itolia Rebecca Adair and Randolph Adair had a home-stead on Warm River as well as a store/saloon.  The railroad was being built about 1916 (am guessing) and would take part of there land and they left the Warm River area.   Any help, ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thank you


John R. Sanders October 11, 2002
Seeking any information on the family of Walter SANDERS (b. 21 Jan 1891 in Mercer Co., MO; died 4 Oct 1932 in Blackfoot, Bingham County, ID). Married to Bessie (maiden name unknown); children were Beryl and Mabel.
Listed on 1930 Bingham County census - also among WWI draft registrations for Fremont County.


Toni Riter February 22, 2003
I'm looking for info on Clarence MASON who died in 1902,and is buried in Parker Cemt. There is also a baby girl, his who should be buried somewhere near him. Any help would be great. Thanks Toni


Andrea March 31, 2003
Looking for any descendants of Timothy J. WINTER born 1859 and Agnes COWAN born 1862 family. Issue: Percival b.1882, Ethel b.1884, Jessie b.1885 (my line), Timothy, b.1887, Frank b.1889, Agnes b.1891, Hazel, b.1893, Lewis b.1895, Ruth b. 1898, Rhea b. 1898, Leland b.1900, Rulon b. 1903. This family resided in Rexburg. I am trying to locate stories, pictures, etc to fill in the blanks. Will be happy to share my information. Thank you,


Yvonne Stephenson March 31, 2003
I am doing research into my family background and am trying find information about Lemuel Jerome RICE who died in 1913 at St. Anthony.  He is buried in the Parker Cemetery.  I am wondering if he had a will and if that will was probated.  It is my understanding that he had a large family and that his holdings would have been divided in some way between them.  Can you suggest a way that I can found out about him and his heirs without making a trip to Idaho. He is my great grandfather, but I know little about him.  I would be interested in finding someone who could look up original documents for me.


Mary Lyons August 22, 2003
I am looking for a Melvina (LYONS) BAKER who died in Ashton, Fremont County, Idaho in March of 1921. She had married Robert BAKER in September 1915 and I have been told she died in childbirth. I have reason to believe that the baby lived, but can you tell me what cemeteries would have been in use in 1921 in Ashton. I don't know if Melvina and Robert BAKER had other children between 1915 and 1921. I have found a Robert Oscar BAKER who died in July 1945, who I suspect was Melvina's husband, and he possibly may have remarried after Melvina died. I also found a Robert Oscar BAKER in the 1917-1919 Draft Registrations, that I also suspect was Melvina's husband. I would like to find an obituary for Melvina, so am hoping you can tell me what  newspapers  were being published around in 1921 in Ashton or Fremont County.  Hoping you can lead me to a cemetery and a newspaper to further research Melvina.


Fern Eddy Schultz March 31, 2004
Searching information about an Erma (MEREDITH) HOPKINS, b in Kosciusko Co. IN.  She had a sister Ruth who married a man by the name of HANANALT.  At the time of her Mother's death in St. Anthony, ID (19 Sep 1951), she and her sister were also residing there.  Erma was a theatre organist in La Porte County, IN until at least 1930. To complete a history of our theatre organ, I am seeking information about Erma.  If there is an obituary or any other information about her available, it would be appreciated.


Nancy Salgado March 4, 2005
Looking for my 3rd great grandparents Stephen (Steve) Samuel Winegar, died 2/8/1903  Egin Fremont Idaho, Buried 2/14/1903 Parker Cemetery, Parker Fremont Idaho.  I found his wife Lois S. Winegar whom died 9-3-1916 Egin, Fremont Idaho


Anita Keller May 11, 2005
I am looking for John Farrand.  Found in Fremont County, Medicine Lodge Precinct. in 1900.  Thank you


Beverly Mains Juris October 7, 2005
I'm searching for my ggrandmother Mary Allice Mains, or possibly Nancy Allice.  She was last listed on a 1885 census living in Fremont Co. Ia.  She reportedly died that year leaving 3 small children.  Is there any way to check out Clarke County Cemeteries?  She was born in Clarke Co. in approx. 1861 and she has Conner relatives buried there.  We've pretty much exhausted records in Fremont Co.


Matthijs van Gaalen November 17, 2005
I am looking for any additional information about Berend Datema and his family. Berend was born Jan. 8, 1879 in Oostdongeradeel, The Netherlands Drusilla Statio Chapman was born Dec. 12, 1880 Illinois married when, where?
Charles P. Datema was born July 31, 1907 Carthage, Missouri
Census 1910: Baron (Berend), Charles P., Nellie M., Priscilla (Drusilla) S. Datema live in Fremont, Idaho
WWI draft reg. Sept. 12, 1918 Ben (Berend) Datema lives in Marysville (Box 107), Fremont, Idaho
In 1920 the family resides in Colorado, however Nellie M. was presumably no longer alive.


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