Sawtell Ranch

Sawtell Ranch

"Jackson took this interior of Sawtell's ranch house. Partners Sawtell and Wurtz caught fish for sale to miners at Virginia City, Montana. They also rented lodgings to big game hunters.

"Earliest to record the scenery of eastern Idaho was undoubtedly William Henry Jackson, photographer with Ferdinand V. Hayden's Geological Survey party of 1871-72. . . Although most of Jackson's pictures for the Hayden Survey recorded topography and geology, those of Fort Hall Agency, Sawtell's Ranch and Taylor's Bridge, on the site of modern Idaho Falls, have great historical interest. His photographs of Yellowstone are often credited with persuading Congress to make it our first national park." - Arthur A. Hart, "Camera Eye on Idaho, Pioneer Photography, 1863-1913"; The Caxton Printers, Ltd., Caldwell, Idaho, 1990.

"In 1868, Gilman Sawtell started a dude ranch and Henry's Lake Fishery that did much to develop this natural resort area. Sawtell did everything from supplying swans for New York's Central Park zoo to building a net work of roads for tourish access to Yellowstone National Park. His commercial fishery served Montana mining markets. His pioneer Herny's Lake ranch was a major attraction here for a decade before rail service brought more settlers to this area." Sawtell's Ranch Highway Marker at

For more on Gilman Sawtell, see "Images of the West, Entrepreneurs on the Edge of Yellowstone," at "Big Sky Journal."


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