Places in Fremont County

The U.S. Geological Survey lists these as "populated places" within Fremont County, Idaho.
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Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Ashton 440418N 1112651W Ashton
Bedstead Corner 441633N 1114732W Pine Butte
Big Springs 442954N 1111518W Island Park
Box Canyon 442244N 1112417W Island Park Dam
Chester 435958N 1113409W Newdale
Drummond 435955N 1112040W Drummond
Eccles 441937N 1111803W Hatchery Butte
Egin 435612N 1115012W Parker
Farnum 435955N 1112432W Linderman Dam
Flat Rock 443002N 1112008W Big Springs
France 435821N 1111628W Drummond
Gerrit 441231N 1111613W Snake River Butte
Grainville 440138N 1112202W Warm River
Greentimber (historical) 440507N 1111628W Warm River
Heman 435723N 1114748W Parker
Island Park 442528N 1112213W Island Park
Jenkins Will 440436N 1115735W Big Grassy Ridge
Lake 444001N 1112334W Targhee Peak
Lamont 435811N 1111255W Lamont
Last Chance 442200N 1112405W Last Chance
Lodi (historical) 440523N 1112738W Ashton
Macks Inn PO 442957N 1112013W Island Park
Marysville 440417N 1112510W Ashton
Newdale 435300N 1113620W Newdale
Ora 440510N 1113157W Lemon Lake
Parker 435734N 1114525W Parker
Pineview 441711N 1111836W Hatchery Butte
Pyke 435734N 1114324W Saint Anthony
Rea 442811N 1112604W Island Park Dam
St Anthony 435759N 1114053W Saint Anthony
Sarilda 440637N 1113423W Lemon Lake
Squirrel 440138N 1111754W Warm River
Staley Springs 443937N 1112604W Targhee Peak
Teton 435312N 1114037W Saint Anthony
Trude 442740N 1112043W Island Park
Twin Groves 435828N 1113737W Saint Anthony
Warm River 440654N 1111912W Warm River
Wilford 435446N 1114037W Saint Anthony


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